Solar for your home

We‘re with you every step of the way, from the initial design to the permitting, installation, service and even monitoring.


Power your home with clean, affordable solar energy.

Infinite, clean and now more affordable than ever, going solar is a no brainer for homeowners today. Quicken Solar understands that every family’s energy use is unique as they are. Every solar installation starts with an in depth energy analysis to determine how much energy you need. We’ll explain your equipment options and goals and customize the perfect system to suit your needs. Throughout the process, you’ll be treated just like you were part of the family… because with Quicken Solar, you are a part of the family.

The Process of Going Solar

Once you decide to go solar, we handle all of the rest. Our experienced team will take your project from start to finish. Through design, engineering, permitting, installation and commissioning, we are your partner 100% of the way as you become a member of the Quicken Solar family!

Assessment and Consultation

Our Solar Specialists will look at your past energy usage to determine how much electricity you currently use. We’ll also work together to determine the type of solar products that work best for your needs.

Design and Engineering

Our team will design a custom solar system specific to your home and electrical needs to give you optimal solar output.

In House Operations

Our in house operations team will handle every aspect of the installation process. At Quicken, solar isn’t just a job, it’s a passion and our team of experts will ensure you are backed with an exclusive 25-year warranty.

Go Green & Enjoy the ride

Congratulations! The sun now powers your home. Impress your neighbors and enjoy the benefits of owning your clean energy.

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