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Quicken Solar has the experience you can rely on for your commercial solar installation. Our team has been installing commercial solar projects for 10 years, and our commercial solar systems are personalized to the unique demands of your business.


Trust us for your Commercial Solar Installation

Running a successful business takes ingenuity and a spirit of innovation. That’s why ditching old fashioned energy systems in favor of commercial solar installation for your business is a smart move.
Choosing Solar for your business is an innovative way to save money. Plus, transitioning to solar energy is a step in the right direction toward greener business practices.
Join many other sustainable businesses and go solar with Quicken today!


Why invest in solar for your business?

With rising grid electricity prices and declining solar technology costs, business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the financial benefits of commercial solar power.

With tax credits, depreciation value, and grant money available, investing in commercial solar power is investing in your business. Solar panels are becoming more affordable and efficient every year, which means major savings for your business.

Lifetime savings generated by commercial solar power are typically in the hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars!

Quicken Solar has designed, installed and supported commercial solar projects from rooftop installations to ground mounts and carports. Quicken Solar uses the best high efficiency technology and low maintenance products, backed by an industry best warranty that guarantees solar savings for far into the future.

Commercial solar installation is well worth the investment!

Electric Savings

Commercial solar panels last an average of 25-35 years which means decades of saving on your energy bills. Most commercial solar systems see their payback in 3 to 5 years, and a return on investment of between 10 to 20%. Reduce your operating costs and invest the savings back into your business!

Save the Planet

Today’s consumer is looking to purchase from a company with a conscience. Businesses who go solar across all industries are gaining more appeal to both customers and corporate partners alike. Join many other sustainable businesses and go solar with Quicken today.

Tax Incentives

All commercial solar panels are eligible for federal solar investment tax credit. When combined with the depreciation value of commercial solar costs, many business owners receive up to a 50% return through tax incentives in year one.. Think about it: would you rather spend thousands in federal taxes, or instead invest that money directly into your own business? Commercial solar panels provide you with an avenue to do this.

Utility Escalation

Become energy independent and avoid rising energy costs. Every year, electricity rates continue to increase throughout the country and there is no telling when utility companies will raise prices even higher. And while utility rates continue to increase rates, commercial solar companies are doing the opposite. In fact, over the past decade, the cost of industrial solar panels has dropped by over 60%! A commercial solar investment will provide you with a secure, predictable future.

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