Rechargeable Solar Battery System

Get a reliable battery storage system for your home or business to meet your energy needs.

A battery storage system, paired with your solar installation, will store the power your system produces. This allows you to fully reap the benefits, even when the sun isn’t shining. The design, plan, and installation of your solar system will include a conversation about batteries to ensure we’re meeting your energy needs and goals.


Why Now Is The Time For Solar Battery Storage?

The increased demand for solar energy has brought about the evolution of another renewable technology: Solar Battery Storage, which will store excess solar energy for later consumption. Just a few years ago, battery storage systems weren’t as cost effective or reliable. Now, many solar products like LGChem, Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge are developing and deploying battery systems that can be installed along with solar energy systems to create long lasting financial savings and peace of mind.

Picking an effective solar with battery storage system that’s tailored to your needs can be an intimidating process, but trust that with the help of our energy experts at Quicken Solar, you are in safe hands.

Power Outage

Power outages can be very troubling and can affect everything that you do in your day . If you live in an area that is constantly prone to power outages, whether it be in the suburbs or the city we have got you covered. With our full house back-up guarantee we can ensure that your solar system will power up what you need efficiently even at night. Our batteries will ensure that you receive power immediately after a power shortage or outage. So ditch the utility companies and their changing rates and buy some peace of mind with uninterrupted power,even in the harshest of weather conditions.


Many homes aren’t equipped for solar panel installations, whether it be roof steepness, design,positioning or whether you are trying to limit the amount of solar panels on your roof. A solar powered battery is your best bet, as having a solar powered battery will allow you to lower the number of panels on your roof and still be able to cover your electricity usage.

Reliability of the electric grid

Electric grids can be faulty and depending on where you live, you can experience major power shortages or outages, which is why having a solar power charged battery can alleviate any of the potential problems that may come with having to rely on an electric grid. With a solar battery you’re ensured power at all times throughout the day that you can monitor on your phone using the designated app.

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